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2020-07-28 by ヘレン・プライス Helen Price


Hi! I’m Helen. I’m the director of Actus Ballet Productions.

こんにちは!アクタスバレエプロダクションの ディレクターです。

I came to Japan in 1988. I had a ballet school in Yokohama for over 30 years. I produced a ballet seminar for 16 years. All that time my goal has been to help Japanese dancers be the best they can be here in Japan and overseas.



To be a successful dancer you need good training…but that’s not whole story. There are tools you can use to make sure you are always working at your full potential. That is what Actus Ballet Productions is all about.



Body Tuning will give you a more flexible and responsive body


Ballegro delivers the best music for ballet class


danceWord will teach you the English you need to study or dance overseas.


Actus Ballet Blog

アクタスバレエプロダクション Actus Ballet Productions


エクササイズクラスでよく聞くフレーズ(3)Phrases You Might Hear in Exercise Class (3)

エクササイズクラスでよく聞くフレーズ(2)Phrases You Might Hear in Exercise Class (2)

エクササイズクラスでよく聞くフレーズ(1)Phrases You Might Hear in Exercise Class (1)

体のパーツのワード Anatomy Words

Concepts and Ideas Inspire Dance コンセプト(概念)とアイデア(考え)がダンスを奮い立たせる

Injuries in English ケガ

Elements of Dance ダンスの要素

Exciting or Excited? I’m confused!「エキサイティング」か「エキサイテッド」?どちらを使うべき?

Try this Ballet Crossword Puzzle!




Train Your Brain 脳を鍛えます

プラネット・ダンスPlanet Dance videos from The Place

どうコンテンポラリー・ダンスがバレエに役立つか?How does studying contemporary dance improve your ballet?

バレエ・クラスのためのウォーミングアップ。Warm-up for ballet class.

なぜバレエを勉強する生徒がコンテンポラリーを難しいと思うのか?Why do ballet students find contemporary class hard at first?

ダンスを海外で学ぶ上で、目線は重要なトピックです Eye focus is an important topic for Japanese dancers studying abroad.

バレエ・バーの正しい使い方 Using the Ballet Barre Properly


ポワントワークの歴史とトゥシューズがどのように進化していったのでしょう?The history of dancing on pointe.

バレエ・ピアニスト Ballet Pianist


Teaching Japanese Students

Follow up to my blog: On Compliments & Corrections, and Being a Strict Ballet Teacher in Japan

On Compliments & Corrections, and Being a Strict Ballet Teacher in Japan

Japanese Students + Math + Ballet = ?

Smile and The World Smiles with You…maybe